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Vanguard - Reviews @ gameSlave, MPOGD

by Dhruin, 2007-04-01 22:42:10

A pair of new Vanguard reviews are available on the 'net for your edification.  Let's start with gameSlave, who slam the title for 5.5/10:

Vanguard reminds me a bit of a boy racer's banger: plenty of ideas and fancy tricks under the bonnet, but still somehow less than the sum of its parts. It's outrageously difficult, clumsy to control, is littered with outrageous design decisions, full of bugs and does absolutely nothing to satisfy any sort of boredom. But, having said all that, you can't help but sit back at times and concede that it's a bit cool too.

MPOGD asks if Vanguard really adds up, settling on an average 7.5/10 after describing each gameplay sphere without much actual critique:

Vanguard has a lot to offer in areas with crafting and diplomacy, but adventuring seems to get a bit tedious with the long travel times and slow advancement rate that requires that most players adopt an old time method of grinding and lather-rinse-repeat. Harvesting helps to break up the monotony of killing one after the other though, and since it is required to harvest materials so that a player can craft, it all ties in together fairly well overall.

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