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Genshin Impact - Encapsulating the Phenomenon @ RPG Site

by Hiddenx, 2020-10-28 17:46:32

RPG Site analyzes the open world RPG Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact: Encapsulating the Phenomenon One Month Later

Going into 2020, I never would have dreamed that Genshin Impact would have ended up being one of the biggest titles this year. Don’t get me wrong, I like it quite a bit. Even at Adventure Rank 37, I still log in everyday to do my dailies and pursue various in-game activities to enhance my characters. For better or worse, I have played a lot of gacha games over the years and this feels like the one that penetrated the mainstream audience in a significant way recently. Yes, long-standing titles like Granblue Fantasy, Fate/Grand Order, the numerous mobile Final Fantasy entries (Record Keeper, Brave Exvius, Opera Omnia, etc.), and even Puzzle & Dragons remain immensely popular in that space, but none of them have occupied the social mainstream mindshare the way Genshin Impact has.

This is not to say that any of these games are better than the other. They all have good and bad aspects about them. I’m not here to judge you if you play any of them… well, unless you’re an Epic Seven player.

I kid, I kid.

What distinguishes Genshin Impact from past releases is an amalgamation of several factors: accessibility, scope, and timing. Before we dive into it, let me contextualize this a bit if you aren’t aware of the state of the gacha game industry these days.


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