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Depths of Peril - Interview with JeuxVideoPC #2

by Dhruin, 2007-04-04 00:20:42

A second Depths of Peril interview at French site JeuxVideoPC is online with an English translation hosted at the official site.  Here's a lengthy but interesting bit:

What is the main gameplay innovation in Depths of Peril?

Well I don't know about the main innovation, but one of the important innovations in Depths of Peril is the alive gameworld that reacts to the actions of the player, the actions of the other covenants, the actions of the monsters, and even its own actions. This pretty much goes hand and hand with my answer about choices and consequences. Almost everything has some kind of impact on the world. All of your diplomacy or lack of it, changes how the other covenants deal with you. Which quests you decide to do and in what order matters. You can actual fail quests if you can't solve them quickly enough, including someone important dying, or sometimes one of the other covenants solving the quest first. Almost anything can happen.

I actually ran into a good example of this today. I'm about to go adventuring when someone in town spots a thief trying to steal items from the town's vendors. Since I was already in town I tracked her down pretty quickly, but she still managed to steal three or four items before I caught up to her. It's a little hard to track down thieves using stealth; they are hard to see. I managed to find her and attacked. The instant I attacked, she lost her stealth and the vendor that she was trying to steal from joined the fight. That was apparently not a good thing because the thief killed the npc before I could do anything about it. I managed to find and rid the town of the thief before she stole too many items, but she killed off one of the vendors in the process. Luckily in this case, it was the town's gambler and I'm pretty sure I can live without her for a while.

The original French version is here.

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