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Baldur's Gate: EE - Patch

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-13 19:15:41

Redglyph spotted patch for Baldur's Gate EE:

Patch 2.6 is almost ready!

A new Steam Beta for Baldur's Gate:Enhanced Edition is available now, and we need your feedback. Are we ready for the big release? Go on an adventure and share your thoughts!

TEST OBJECTIVE: Start questing! Is the patch good enough to release?
See Details on the Beta Test:

- This is NOT the last update for BGEE
- 2.6 will not fix every issue— but we hope to improve the game in future updates
- Here's what we've focused on for this patch: 2.6 Patch Items
- System Requirements have changed:
Minimum: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 64-bit, OS X 10.9, Ubuntu 18.04 or equivalent
- Please check your device meets the updated System Requirements before testing
- Make sure your device supports 64-bit games

How to Participate
- Playthrough some quests & VOTE on the release
- Tell us about *new bugs (the beta shouldn't add any issues) - comment below!
- Tell us about major issues affecting saves, visuals, sound & quality - comment below!

How to opt-in & verify you're using the correct version

  • Please make sure you're using a clean (unmodded) install. Clear your override folder before testing the beta build
  • In your Steam Library, Right-Click Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and choose “Properties”
  • Click on the Beta Tab
  • Choose the road_to_2.6 in the drop down menu
  • If you don't see the road_to_2.6 in the drop down menu, please restart Steam
  • In-game, on the main menu, you will see that the build is


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