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Yaga - Review @ Gosunoob

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-14 18:34:07

Gosunoob checked out Yaga:

Yaga Review – Wonderfully Weird Folklore RPG

Eastern European fairy tales often combine beautiful fiction, immense brutality, and strong educational components, much like their complements from the west. They are largely unknown to the global audience – every child out there has heard about Hansel and Gretel, almost none knows about The Princess Who Never Smiled. If it were not for the Witcher series, this rich eastern, mostly Slavic mythology, would be completely invisible.

Yaga provides the opportunity to dive deeper into the imaginative folk tapestry from deep, dank forests of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and others. Yaga, or „Baba Yaga”, isn’t just a John Wick’s nom de guerre – historically, she is a hag that lives in the forest hut that stands on chicken legs. Yaga is depicted as a morally ambivalent entity with unpredictable behavior and enigmatic motives. She might help the poor passer-by, or she may vex him and hex him, you never know with the ‘ol Yaga.


Yaga is an incredibly charming, unusual game. It is becoming apparent that the real innovation in the gaming sphere almost solely rests with indie developers. Yaga underlines the superb vibe we got from Hades in 2020. and sets the right tone for the year ahead.

Score: 8/10

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