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Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas - Released

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-15 16:12:25

The expansion Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas is available today:

Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas Launches on PC

Grinding Gear Games kicks off 2021 with a major expansion for their popular action RPG that will test the mettle of players crazy enough to go toe-to-toe with The Maven

Auckland, New Zealand, January 15, 2020 – Grinding Gear Games is announcing that its next major expansion for Path of Exile, Echoes of the Atlas, is launching today at 11 AM PT on PC and Mac, and on January 20th for Xbox and PlayStation® consoles, including the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The expansion delivers new end-game content, a new challenge league, new skills, and a new pinnacle boss simply known as The Maven. 

The Echoes of the Atlas expansion will deliver several new pieces of content and improvements such as: 

  • End-game content including new pinnacle boss, The Maven, which requires players to defeat several bosses simultaneously in order to challenge her; New Boss Arena; Atlas Passive Skill Trees; 11 New Maps with Bosses; Craftable Watchstones and The Maven’s Orb.
  • New Ritual Challenge League
  • New items and skills
  • Rebalancing nineteen Ascendancy classes, three of which had major reworks
  • The return of Heist and Harvest leagues

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