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ToEE - Desslock Interviews Tim Cain

by Dhruin, 2007-04-05 02:10:42

Before we get into this it's important to understand this dates back to the release of The Temple of Elemental Evil but was never released in this form. Fallout 3: A Post Nuclear Blog has the full, original text of an interview that PC Gamer's Desslock conducted with Tim Cain back when ToEE was released on material that was removed just prior to going Gold.  As it turned out, Desslock only used snippets in a column and has now released the full text to Briosafreak's blog:

2. Desslock: Troika is obviously a company that likes to make games with adult content, since both Arcanum and the original Fallout were “M” rating games. Would you have preferred to make an M rated D&D game, or did you always realize that a D&D game would have to be Teen rated (because of Hasbro/WotC concerns, in addition to any raised by Atari/Infogrames)?

TC: Yes, Troika would have preferred to make an M rated D&D game. As you pointed out, our previous games were both M rated, and we feel the most comfortable with the creative freedom that we gain with that rating. With that said, however, we understood that a T rating would gain us a wider distribution and also allow for a bigger, younger audience. In the end, that was the trade-off we had to make.

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