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Fury: Interview @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2006-06-17 04:55:00
RPG Vault speaks with Auran about the developer's upcoming MMORPG Fury.
Jonric: From the perspective of the team developing Fury, what kind of game are you creating, and what are the key characteristics that differentiate it from other online offerings with persistent characters?

Adam Carpenter: Fury is a new kind of game that takes the best elements of MMOs and merges them with the best elements from the FPS genre. Because it is new, the actual genre that we are creating is still rather ambiguous. Personally, I jokingly call it a TPS or third-person slasher. All in all, Fury can probably be best summarized as a competitive RPG.

Fury is fundamentally a PvP game, but ours is not like in other MMOs where ganking and unfair tactics run rampant. Fury is more like a sports game, where competition between players is not only expected but desired. In order to foster the best competition, Fury emphasizes player skills. Unlike an FPS, we are focused on mental skill, not twitch skill, so the emphasis is not on improving your physical reflexes. The key skill is your ability to analyze a situation and make the best decision in the fastest time possible.
Source: RPG Vault

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