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Gods & Heroes - Beta Journal @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-04-08 01:14:33

A new core beta journal is online at the official Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising site.  Snip:

The Nomad seems to be one of the classes everyone will want along in a group or would be perfect to duo with. They seem to be a well-rounded class with very interesting abilities like regeneration buffs (again, if you go down the healing side of the tree). There is another Feat where the Nomad can command his spell-caster minions to channel energy to him and heal the entire party. The other side of the tree is your aggression spells. One of those is everyone’s favorite, which is a haste buff that affects not only Gladiators, but ranged and spells casters as well. He has many buffs on both sides of the tree that will interest people. And there is also a teleportation spell to return his party to Rome.


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