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Archlord: Humans @ IGN

by Inauro, 2006-06-17 05:01:00
IGN continues its Archlord Race feature with a closer look at the Humans.
The Humans

The Human race first appeared in Chantra 1000 years after the Orcs had settled. Following the dramatic sinking of their land, key pioneers in Human society initially established a foothold in the Western part of the continent known as Chantra. History suggests they were able to do so due to their ability of handling fire. In the early stages, Humans lived in relative peace, however, they soon began to realize that Orcs had landed on the Eastern part of the continent and before long tensions were raised as the Humans became protective over their territory.

Humans have a relatively short lifespan, with 80 years considered to be long. Humans also have an inferior breeding capacity when compared to Orcs, with the average number of offspring being 3.
Source: IGN

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