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Solasta - Patch 1.0.22

by Hiddenx, 2021-06-12 20:58:52

Redlyph and Henriquejr spotted patch 1.0.22 for Solasta: Crown of the Magister:

Solasta 1.0.22 Patch Notes & What's Next!

Hi there folks!

We're back with Hotfix 1.0.22 and a little preview of our what's coming up next, as well as some solutions for folks who are having issues!

Known Issues & Work Around
I have a high end GPU (GTX 2070, 3090...) and Solasta keeps overheating my computer!
We found out that the game does not perform properly above 60 FPS :( The solution is to go to the graphic setting and either switch VSync to Double, or if that doesn't work switch VSync to none and to cap your FPS at 60, and to lower your resolution to 1080p

My main quest is stuck even though the patch notes says it's fixed!
Most of the time if you sequence break (aka you manage to bypass a trigger that would make the quest move on), a patch won't fix your save retroactively. This means you will need to load a previous save file and re-do the level - for example, if you're stuck in Dark Castle, you will need to load a save from the start of Dark Castle (or before you arrived at Dark Castle).

I used to be stuck in a weird screen with clouds when I started a new campaign
This was an issue primarily with Windows 7 configs where Microsoft removed a certain codec that prevents Unity videos from working. We should have implemented a work-around without having to delete the movie in your folder, but if you are still stuck please make sure to let us know (at worst, the old work-around still works)

For some merchants, trying to open their shop just doesn't open anything
You simply need to save again and load that save, it should fix the issue.

Patch Notes:


What's next?
For now we're done with our first round of Hotfixes, and we'll disappear for some times in order to prepare... The Sorcerer Update! As those of you who followed us since Kickstarter already know, we promised the Sorcerer Class as a free post-launch DLC - and we intend to follow up on that promise!

Working on a Sorcerer will take some time, which is why we can't afford as a small team to keep testing and releasing hotfixes while doing so - but worry not, we will still be working on small improvements and fixes while getting the Sorcerer ready. Things such as the Tome of Understanding not working will be properly fixed with the Sorcerer Update as well!

So... the next question is when? We're happy to say that the Sorcerer Update should drop in the upcoming weeks, so keep the game warmed up in your library as you may want to do another run soon!

... Also, know that there will be a little something in that update for our Russian and Brazilian fans :)

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