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White Gold - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-04-11 22:44:15

RPG Vault has a conversation with a handful of Deep Shadows staff to discuss their followup to Boiling Point, White Gold: War in Paradise.  Here's the first question:

Jonric: How would you introduce White Gold: War in Paradise and the range of gameplay it will offer? What are the title's basic premise and key points of differentiation? When will it ship?

Deep Shadows:
First of all, White Gold is a true combination of RPG and action. Simply shooting everything around is not the goal of the game. We're trying to create a beautiful and interesting gameworld with a non-linear plot attached to it. The remarkable things in our game are a big but very detailed territory, Latin American environment, the ability of using every vehicle, the interactivity of all things around and, of course, numerous original endings. The player has a lot of possibilities, from collecting pearls and empty bottles to sell for money, and up to attacking military bases in a tank or chopper.

Another unusual feature is the beautiful archipelago of the Caribbean basin, packed with RPG-style quests and intense action, on both the sea and dry ground. The main theme of the game is the highly charged political atmosphere in Central America, and the things that can happen if it explodes in a continental scale war. But the main subplot has little to do with anything from today; it's roots date back to the pre-Colombian times.

We're considering our options to make a multiplayer mode. The worldwide release is planned for Q4 2007.

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