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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ MMO Lifestyle

by Inauro, 2007-04-11 23:33:26

MMO Lifestyle talks to Chris 'Binky' Launius, the Community Relations Manager for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

MMOL: What one question (aside from beta requests) keeps coming up about G&H that you wish you could answer but have not been able to do so?

Binky: There are a couple. Obviously “When’s Open Beta?” is a huge question we get a lot. Another is when people want to see the full feat trees for each class along with some of the other details about the game. I wish I could tell everyone everything right now, but the fact of the matter is that there has to be some strategy involved when you release information. You don’t want to release information on a system too early or else it can change and that information will become irrelevant, which has happened to us with the feat trees and a few other things. The other thing you have to be aware of is keeping the information flowing. You need to be able to release information all the way up through launch, releasing it all now loses that element of suspense. I know a lot of the more dedicated community members don’t like that (and in some respects I am right there with you), but that is how it has to be. You need to be able to keep attracting people with new tidbits.

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