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Valheim - First Impression

by Hiddenx, 2021-07-22 16:47:25

Purpleblob gives her first impression of Valheim, a survival single/coop RPG in Early Access:

Impression: Our journey through Valheim – entry #1

Helga woke up to a sound of coals burning from the brazier above her, enjoying the warmth washing over her as the dawn light started to stream into their room.

It was an ordinary day and there were a lots of chores to be done. Helga and Kell quickly split their chores – Kell headed off to the nearby forest to chop down trees to make coals and smelt the ores mined the other day. After tending to boars in the pen, Helga proceeded to harvest turnips and carrots, then made her way to beehive grove to check if the bees are happy.

It was a peaceful day.

…until two trolls showed up with a club in their hand and proceeded on cleaving Kell and Helga’s house in half.

Welcome to Valheim.

RIP our training rock, smashed into pieces by stupid trolls *shakes fist* – we still miss you

Our journey began as Hugin, the (un)friendly crow, dropped us – Helga and Kell – onto Valheim, a fearsome land full of our God Odin’s enemies. We were destined to survive and defeat these creatures in order to prove our worth to our God.

…unfortunately, I disappointed Odin on my first day in Valheim by getting killed by a group of boars. Oops!

Scared and lost, Kell and I huddled up to a small campfire we had built for the night – unable to sleep without a shelter and a bed.

Next day, we desperately searched for a good place to settle – somewhere relatively flat, with plenty of resources but far away from too much danger. We found a spot in meadows where we could reach forest within a few minutes of stroll and with a beautiful view of a snowy mountain nearby.

Delighted, we quickly threw up a small house, just big enough to place two beds, a workstation and a campfire to keep us warm. By the time we were done with construction of our first home, it was already well into a night. Exhausted, I was eager to hit the bed but something was concerning Kell. I asked in an annoyed tone – “why aren’t you coming to bed?” Kell spat out a thick cough in response.

Something was wrong. 


Thanks Redglyph!

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