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Kickstarter Games - The End of Scarlet Republics

by Redglyph, 2021-09-18 13:07:58

@vanedor has spotted that the Scarlet Republics project had ended, unfortunately failing for multiple reasons detailed in their last update.

Scarlet Republics was a renaissance-inspired tactical RPG, which had a very successful campaign. It reached its goal on October 1st, 2020, with 46523 EUR pledged of an initial 10000 EUR goal.

The End of Scarlet Republics

We have failed...

Now it is time to talk about it.

We have given it our best, tried everything to push through our obstacles and challenges. Despite our best efforts, we have run out of energy and money to sustain Audacity Interactive and the development of Scarlet Republics.

We faced many challenges along the way, and those challenges wore us down slowly. We have to look reality in the eye: we have run out of steam. Also, it has taken a toll on our health, with several members having symptoms of stress and experiencing burnout.

Here is what happened on the inside.


Demo and Other Assets

We will make the latest playable demo of Scarlet Republics available to download. We will also look into potentially releasing other content, such as the game code, the writing, audio and visual assets. If it's feasible with proprietary third-party licenses, hosting, and the like.

Lessons Learnt

Here are some of the lessons we take away from this experience.

  1. Creating and running your first startup business is HARD. It is really hard. There are so many things you don't know, and we made so many mistakes.
  2. We started out way too big, we would have been much better off with a smaller scope of the game.
  3. We pushed forward with a strong, and sometimes blind, optimism. It is important to not let that optimism drive you past a sustainable state of operation. You can't force things.


Thanks vanedor!

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