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Arcadian Atlas - September Update

by Silver, 2021-09-25 11:29:13

The September update for Arcadian Atlas talks about some sub-classes, new maps, and demo feedback.

Hey there, folks! Welcome to Arcadian Updates, where we share super cool updates to Arcadian Atlas the Twin Otter team are working on, including new maps, classes, mechanics, and more! We'll have more to share as time goes on, so follow along and check it out!

Indie Arena Booth Demo & Feedback


ICYMI: We were part of the Indie Arena Booth Steam event last month! There, we were able to share the Arcadian Atlas demo to players everywhere for the very first time, as well as a brand new trailer! We were really excited to see literally thousands of you play the demo and show off your tactical skills (while using Poncho, right? RIGHT????) as you squared up against some challenging encounters to overcome!

Your feedback has been incredibly helpful in figuring out design decisions the team is working on and considering, including class balancing, battle pacing, overall difficulty, control schemes, and more! We'll be working to implement some of the feedback we've received as we continue working on the game.

Sub-Class Spotlight: Reaver

Today, we're sharing a very first look into one of the sub-classes of Arcadian Atlas: The Reaver! Watch the shadows, because the shadows are watching you.

Reavers are known for their sudden and relentless strikes on their enemies, unleashing an unexpected onslaught before stealthily slipping away into a hidden state. Those that follow the path of the Dagger Arts are capable of delivering a flurry of blows using short blades, with each attack inflicting various status effects that cripple their enemies while Hired Assassins favor precision strikes, dealing massive amounts of damage in one fell swoop and even bending the shadows to serve them.

For fans of the sneaky-stabby methods, Reavers will be your bread and butter. Their high mobility make them the ideal class for closing distances, locking down a specific target to ensure they go down quickly while being able to evade any retaliation. They're not meant to stick around for a stand-up fight, so apply a lot of damage and effects, then get out fast!

Map sneak peek

More beautiful, luscious environments? Is that even possible? (Yes, yes it is.)

This month, we're showing off the Stronghold Outskirts! A seldom-used fortification, the area has fallen into disrepair and dereliction. As nature begins to overtake the ruined stone edifices, what new conflicts will arise on this once-dormant pathway? Where will this path lead, and most importantly, how will you pave the way forward?

Arcadia is a land full of conflict, and that conflict is born from a whole host of ambitions and personal desires. We're excited to continue showing off more as we go along, so stick around and find out just how you can build your party to survive the coming conflict! We'll see you next month!


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