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Fallout 3 - Interview @ Next Gen

by Dhruin, 2007-04-19 22:41:35

Next Gen has an interview in article format with Bethsoft's Pete Hines.  It's titled Facing Fallout but meanders around some general territory:

Howard says he wants the team to keep an open mind about what it’s trying to achieve. “We’re fortunate in that people are allowing us to make these big virtual crazy games. No feature is off limits, right? It’s a role-playing game and you do what you want, so almost anything we think of we have an avenue to put into our kind of game.

“All of us in the office play a lot of games. So the first thing is we make them for ourselves. People here tend to try and entertain each other. There are more ideas than we can ever possibly do every week. Videogames are absolutely the most energizing creative thing you can ever work on. You have this technology magic and then you have story telling and gameplay. It’s all open. You can get motivation from everything; just from walking around looking at things and going ‘oh that’s really neat’.

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