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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ MMOG Nation

by Inauro, 2007-04-19 23:16:03

MMOG Nation talks to the Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising team.

MMOG Nation: Do you foresee difficulties with players identifying with their characters, given the squad-based nature of the game? How whimsical do you plan to allow the game to get? Holiday-seasoned minions, perhaps?

Travis George: I feel like the minions will actually enhance the player’s attachment to their characters. Each character not only has its own customization options, but then you get the chance to assemble your squad from one of over 100 unique minions. And when they all fall into your camp and take on the colors you’ve selected, you really feel like your character is the leader of a heroic group—you forge this real identity with your squad mates. It’s also really cool that you can enhance your own abilities through them, and that they can supplement your character’s efforts in areas that your character doesn’t specialize in adds even more to the camaraderie. As far as holiday minions—well we’re always looking for ways to have fun, so you’ll just have to check back and see. J


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