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Fallen Earth - Interview @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2007-04-21 01:06:25

Stratics talks to Lee Hammock, the lead game designer of Fallen Earth.

Stratics: Fallen Earth is taking on a different aspect of the MOG genre and going after the First-Person Shooter style that many companies have decided not to touch.  What made you decide to tackle this genre and then mix it into a Post-Apocalypse style that really hasn't been done, or have I just answered my own question?

Lee: The obvious reason is that it's a genre that hasn't been dealt with in the MMO space in any significant manner. We also wanted to do a game that was edgier, darker, and grounded in our current world. Lastly, we didn't want to just rehash the same old MMO gameplay that has been done dozens of times before. We wanted to bring something new to the gaming experience, and we felt having a game that was a hybrid between FPS and RPG would offer the best of both worlds.


Source: Stratics

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