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Sword of the New World - The Elementalist

by Inauro, 2007-04-21 01:14:28

K2 Network has released more details about the Elementalist class from Sword of the New World .

The Elementalist

The Elementalist draws from three natural elements: fire, ice and lightning. There are also three tiers of stances, each tier more powerful than the previous one: the first level is possession; the second level is evocation; and the third level is domination. Additionally, there is a Lord stance where all three elements are combined, and this class also offers elemental resistance buffs. As we explored Sword of the New World, we quickly realized the importance of AOE (area of effect) skills. With 10 stances and 36 skills, the elementalist has many AOE attacks, and is one of the best damage dealers in the game.

Possession Fire. First tier fire stance.

  • Fireball. Launches an explosive sphere of flame that blasts and burns up to 5 enemies
  • Burning Hands. All squad members receive a fire attack bonus and a fire resistance increase.
  • Torch. Set the ground aflame and damage up to 10 enemies unlucky enough to be in the scorched area.

Evocation Ice. Second tier ice stance.
  • Freeze. Freeze the ground and damage up to 10 nearby enemies.
  • Glacier. Heavy ice attack that does severe damage to one opponent.
  • Ice Storm. Invoke a storm of ice that damages all enemies in its range.

Domination Lightning. Third (and highest) tier lightning stance. Extremely powerful, but slows movement speed to walking.
  • Volt. Lightning attack that shocks up to 3 enemies.
  • Electric Plasma. Increase lightning resistance at the cost of fire resistance for all squad members.
  • Lightning Blast. Devastate enemies with a massive discharge of lightning that damages up to 6.
  • Thunder Frenzy. A fury of lightning that shocks and burns up to 12 over time.

Elemental Lord. This stance features skills from each element as well as a skill that combines all three for one awesome attack.
  • Hell Breath. Jets of fire shoot from both hands, incinerating up to 6 opponents.
  • Glacier. Heavy ice attack that does severe damage to one opponent.
  • Chain Lightning. Unleashes a series of lightning bolts that leap from one opponent to another, damaging up to 6.
* Elemental Strife. Combines all three elements to burn, freeze, and shock up to 12 enemies.


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