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Afterfall cuts a deal with Unigine

by Dhruin, 2006-06-17 08:32:00
Polish post-apoc project <a href="http://afterfall.pl/index/en/25" target="_blank">Afterfall</a> has inked a deal for Unigine engine license without paying up-front fees:<blockquote><em>Unigine Corp., creators of a high-quality graphics engine a  Unigine, and Intoxicate Interactive have signed a license agreement for the engine. The agreement is so favorable for Intoxicate Interactive that the young developers do not have to pay any fees up front and can focus on making their game. Unigine developers emphasize the need for cooperation with both young and innovative development groups as well as providing middleware solutions to large established companies. The decision of Unigine Corp. was influenced by the professional quality of work at Intoxicate Interactive that has just completed the pre-production of its first game a  Afterfall. The Unigine engine shall be used to develop both a demo version of Afterfall and the final product.</em></blockquote>
Source: NMA

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