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Two Worlds - Hands On @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2007-04-25 10:50:35

A two-page hands-on preview of Two Worlds is up at IGN, made up of three separate pieces from different IGN editors.  From the article, the combat sounds underwhelming but other aspects sound quite positive.  Here's a snip:

One cool discovery I came across was the ever-handy trap. You can buy a standard steel bear trap for fairly cheap from a merchant. Combine some venom from a snake and perhaps the deadly properties of a boar tusk and you have a potent weapon. Lay down a trap and then start a fight with some jerk guard who would normally cream you. When he charges, back up so that he runs into the trap. While he struggles to pull himself free of the poisonous contraption, you can lay some serious smack down. Now imagine entering a city and laying down a number of dangerous traps and starting a ruckus. A good time can be had by any nefarious adventurer with a little imagination.

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