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Drakensang - The Dark Eye - RPC 2007 Trailer & More [updated]

by Gorath, 2007-04-26 00:19:10

[update: Englisch interview transscript] 

dtp / Anaconda Games made the Drakensang trailer from the RPC 2007 available. Drakensang - The Dark Eye is a classic party based RPG based upon Germany´s most successfull P&P RPG The Dark Eye. The 6 minute long video shows in-game footage and a remarkably enthusiastic interview with Radon Labs co-founder and creative director Bernd Beyreuther. Unfortunately the whole thing is only in German.

Furthermore the fan site DSA - Drakensang posted an article about the Drakensang presentation at the RPC, a transscript of the video interview and scans of a flyer. An English translation can be found on Drakensang.info .

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