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Gods and Heroes: Preview @ ActionTrip

by Inauro, 2006-06-18 07:17:00
ActionTrip previews Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.
Developed by San Francisco-based developer Perpetual Entertainment, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising puts players in a fantasy world inspired in part by the Ancient Roman mythology. If you are confusing it with the Ancient Greek mythology (and the subtitle isn't enough of a clue), fear not, as the Roman mythology itself was mostly copying what the Greeks came up with before them. In gaming terms, however, what this title gives the player is a chance to wield the power of the gods as their champion in your battle against enemies of the Roman Republic and mythical monsters. The way that magic is integrated into this game is through 'divine intervention' if you will. In the same way it worked in the Roman Mythology.
Source: ActionTrip

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