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The Matrix Online: The Other Side of the Looking Glass @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-18 07:23:00
The Matrix Online team take us through to <a href="http://" target="_blank">The Other Side of the Looking Glass</a> once more.<blockquote><em>Whenever a reported exploit appears in the community, it causes a big ripple. Why is something an exploit? How do you know if youa "!re doing something against the terms of use? Since wea "!ve had a few exploits appear in the past month, this is a good time to review these issues and how they are dealt with.<br><br>Defining Exploits<br><br>An exploit is generally defined as something a player does that isna "!t allowed by the rules of the game that gives that player some type of advantage or allows the player to do things in they game they shouldna "!t be able to. If the exploit makes it possible for one player to have a big advantage over others, the exploit is considered particularly serious.<br><br>There is a system defined by the game rules that already makes higher-level characters more powerful than lower-level characters. And players who know the game better than others will have a different type of advantage over those with less experience. This is how the game is supposed to work.<br><br>Things that work outside that system are considered unfair to those who dona "!t work outside the rules. We do our best to ensure these holes dona "!t exist, but in hundreds of thousands of lines of code, theya "!re likely to appear. Therefore, we have to work with the Customer Service Representative team do deal with exploits when they come up.</em></blockquote>
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