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TQ: Immortal Throne - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2007-05-01 23:08:07

Iron Lore's Titan Quest: Immortal Throne has been reviewed at GameBanshee, with the author sounding surprised at the quality of the game.  The score is 8.3/10 and here's a grab:

I actually enjoyed this new act to the campaign more than I thought I would. Iron Lore Entertainment did two important things to make it better. First and foremost, they got the characters from Greek mythology more involved in the story. In Titan Quest, a storyteller would tell you about somebody like Herakles, but you’d never actually meet him or go anywhere where he’d had his adventures. In Immortal Throne, you visit all sorts of people and places. Odysseus and Agamemnon send you on quests, you have to duke it out with Charon and Cerberus, and you get to explore the River Styx and Elysium Fields. For me, this made the act much more involving than before.

Secondly, Iron Lore mixed up the quests a little better. In Titan Quest, just about every quest directed you to wander somewhere and kill something, which wasn’t very exciting, because that’s what you’d do when you weren’t on quests, too. But in Immortal Throne there’s more variety. There are some escort missions, there are some collection missions, and at one point you even have to find keys and pull levers. These aren’t exactly cutting edge concepts, but they go a long way in making the quests feel more like quests, and in breaking up the monotony of the combat. I also think Iron Lore did a nicer job with the ratio of quests to random killings. There are fewer optional caves, and fewer forests filled with nothing but optional creatures to kill, and that’s a good thing.

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