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Gods & Heroes - Interview & Preview @ GamersInfo

by Inauro, 2007-05-03 23:19:29

GamersInfo previews Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising and also talks with Stieg Hedlund, the game's Design Director.

So, what about those minions? What's it going to take to outfit your own personal army? And will my minion X look different from your minion X?

"Minions will have equipment you can buy from the Custos Armorum (minion outfitter). Otherwise, we'll end up with the exact problem we're trying to avoid - people hoarding loot and not passing it off to other players directly, through trade, auctions or in shops. There would be no motivation if you needed to keep it all for your minions.

When we say that minions have a "Pokémon" effect, it's really what we mean. I have a Pikachu and so do you. We just have Pikachu at different levels of development."

Source: GamersInfo.net

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