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White Gold - Interview @ FiringSquad

by Dhruin, 2007-05-09 01:53:59

Deep Shadows has been interviewed at FiringSquad about their followup to Boiling Point, White Gold: War in Paradise -

FiringSquad: What sort of missions will the player have to accomplish in White Gold?

Deep Shadows: Players will find a lot of different missions in the game. Whatever you like - from simple “delivery” quests to difficult forked tasks where you have to hack into computers, hunt for the drugs and antique contraband and so on. Do not forget that White Gold has a free gameplay, so there’s a myriad of varieties in quests and ways to accomplish them. You will have both non-linear and linear missions. Every player would be able to choose the gameplay style that is the most appealing. We understand that in a game where player is given a complete freedom of action, where everyone can choose their own way to reach a particular target, it is easy to become confused. Therefore we’ll add a lot of helpful NPCs, hidden diaries, notes and similar things that would provide guidance. But we never force the player to make a choice; we only suggest.

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