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RPGWatch Feature: Legend - Hand of God Developer Diary #6

by Gorath, 2007-05-09 19:12:46

In his latest journal entry Jan Beuck talks about the most important thing in an action-RPG: Combat.
Legend promises to improve on the genre standard with its spectacular Cinematic Combat System .

We all know how it usually takes many, many hours to reach an end boss. The boss looks impressive, and you expect a challenging fight – but when you hit him in the knee, he doesn’t react to the stimulus at all. Or even worse: hitting the boss in the knee seems to cause him serious chest pain. Did I accidentally pick the acupuncturist when choosing my class? Be that as it may, the giant‘s huge weapon hits the ground meters behind me. Ha, now his size suddenly is a big drawback! Or not: I seem to take damage no matter what. And in the end, one of us slumps with an arrow in his back… huh? 

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