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Titan Quest MP Hands On @ IGN

by Kalia, 2006-06-20 05:25:00
IGN has posted a basic "walk through" of a multiplayer session as well as some gameplay movies for your viewing pleasure. Here's a snip from the article:

Aside from this, multiplayer plays pretty smoothly -- your fellow members show up in a list on the left-hand side and on the compass map in the upper right. Trading is a simple act of right-clicking on the player's name in that list and selecting "trade." The trade UI should be familiar to anyone who's played Diablo or World of Warcraft -- just click-and-drag an item into the window, select the trade button, and wait for the other player to accept the transaction. As in WoW, mousing over an item will produce a pop-up window that compares that item to what you're already wearing, so you don't have to switch between windows to see if what you want is actually better than what you have.

Read the article here and see the movies here.
Source: IGN

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