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Sacred 2 - Official Blog @ 1Up

by Dhruin, 2007-05-10 22:20:39

Ascaron has kicked up an official blog for Sacred 2 at 1Up:

Hi, my name is Daniel Balster, and I'm part of the Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel team. Among other things, I'm in charge of coding the quest system. Before moving to Aachen to join Studio II, I was based in G??tersloh for seven years. I've been coding for computers and video game consoles for more than twenty years now - I think I'm getting old... :-)

Sacred 2's deep story with its many quests required a new and innovative approach, because, usually, every single mission is coded individually. So we developed a quest editor, enabling several people to work with the same database simultaneously. Thanks to the editor level designers may place characters and items on the map, enter dialogues in several languages, define mission parameters and link quests with each other. And since you just click stuff with your mouse and don't code anything, you can't make any coding errors...


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