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WoW: Q&A @ WoW Stratics

by Inauro, 2006-06-20 06:47:00
Back in May the team at WoW Stratics submitted a series of questions to the World of Warcraft development team. The questions have been answered, and the Q&A is now available at WoW Stratics.
Why do Darkspear (Jungle) trolls yell "For Zul'jin!", when Zul'jin is a forest troll?- Robert Dooley from the Daggerspine realm.

A. Zul'jin is honored by most troll tribes for both his valor and leadership. Even the jungle trolls hold his legend in the highest esteem.

IE Does a higher skilled fisherman(woman) catch fish faster than a someone of lower skill? Or maybe higher skill has a higher chance of catching better fish? - Chuck from the Azjul-Nerub realm.

A. The Fishing skill only determines whether you catch a fish, it does not determine what the fish is or how fast it is caught.
Source: WoW Stratics

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