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Overlord - Previews @ 1Up, GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2007-05-16 10:36:25

Triumph is obviously on the marketing trail for Overlord with fresh previews at 1Up and GameSpy.  Here's a bit from the first, with a bonus Peter Molyneux insult just for good measure:

And if that's all that there was to it, I'd be happy enough. But it's not. You see, there's a whole spectrum of good and evil at play here. You want to play nice-nice with the peasants and make their life suck less? Totally an option. Better yet, you can make their life suck less for a while and then violently betray them when it serves you best. Or just raise pure unmitigated hell with them from day one. Do it well enough and they'll start staking out virgins on your doorstep in the hopes of being left alone for a few minutes. The fact that you're not completely railroaded into being an evil dick just lends more weight to your actions when you decide to be. It's like something Peter Molyneux might have done if he simultaneously grew a sense of humor and the ability to finish a game.

...and then on to GameSpy who call say the minions are "awesome" but find the concept sometimes stretched and disagree with 1Up on the interface, calling it "needlessly difficult":

Setting your minions on foes or tasks is just intrinsically funny. The developers have done a great job of giving them a set of stupidly funny animations and sounds and then outdone themselves executing them. When a brown finds a new weapon or piece of armor on the ground, since you're not one to wear such detritus, the minion will proclaim "For me!" and put the item on cheerfully. Sure, it raises its combat effectiveness, but mostly it's hilarious to watch and hear. And the quests, such as defending a farmer (who's been hung out as a scarecrow) from the vengeance of his pumpkins, or freeing the human villagers who the hobbits have taken and forced to work at making hobbit food, are all sharply scripted and voiced.

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