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Two Worlds - Review @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2007-05-18 23:16:17

ActionTrip has the first English review of Two Worlds, although it isn't clear exactly what version they played (presumably the German Royal Edition, since it seems unlikely US distie Southpeak would send out review copies for a delayed game).  The article doesn't go into great depth but uses terms like "generic" and "dull".  The score is 62% and here's a snip:

After the first few hours of play, it becomes obvious that Two Worlds is yet another victim of the somewhat dicey free-roam gameplay formula. In case you forgot how it works, let me refresh your memory. To begin with, there's a set of locations you need to visit in order to continue with the main story. The problem is, players are too easily swayed off course with numerous enemies to fight, random NPCs to chat with and dozens of unexciting side-quests to complete. Having plunged into a wave of tasks, it doesn't take you too long to realize you've seen it all before. And, the clichéd story surely won't be enough to intrigue you further.

Still, with the amount of content on offer, I suppose Two World could attract gamers who are after the common RPG routine. You know: get quest, kill enemies and return to collect your reward. If this is what you're after, I guess the game could keep you occupied for a time. The number of quests, side-quests and NPCs is considerable, so it's safe to say there's plenty to do as you wander through forests, across mountains and lakes. The game also includes a commendable variety of items, weapons and other things to utilize during your adventure.

Even with all the traditional elements there, however, Two Worlds still lacks spirit.

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