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Age of Conan - Video Developer Diary @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-05-19 01:50:53

A new Age of Conan video developer diary is available in a number of places, the official site has the details .

The third installment of the video developer diary takes you deep into the minds of some of the most creative people working on Age of Conan. Take a look at how some of the graphics are made and meet some of the people who spend their days making them.

You also get to meet Art Director Didrik Tellefsen and Assistant Art Director Grant Regan who talks about how they're realizing the vision of Robert E. Howard and how they're turning that into an online game. Note that this developer diary is split into two parts, this being the first one. The second part will be posted at a later date.

Source: Funcom

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