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Sword of the New World - Interview @ The Game Musketeers

by Inauro, 2007-05-21 23:06:26

Peter Cesario, Producer for Sword of the New World, speaks to The Game Musketeers about his company's MMO.

How will the Multi Character Control System affect the PvE and PvP?

We feel that MCC will have an extremely positive affect on both PvE and PvP, in that this will be the first time player's wont necessarily have to worry about sitting around in town waiting for a healer for their group since they can bring their own along! On the PvP side, MCC allows for more diversity and strategic elements than ever seen before in an MMO. For instance, when dueling someone, you have to prepare for not only the three individual classes they're using, but how those three work together - Mage, Wizard, Fighter? Three Elementalists? Add in the fact that each class can specialize in any number of stances, and the combinations and strategies are endless!

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