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Pompolic: Call of Heroes - Interview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2007-05-22 23:51:36

The demo didn't garner much of a response but for anyone interested, there's a Call for Heroes interview at GameZone:

Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is described as a "third-person action game with RPG elements." Several games have made that claim, so please explain what that means to this particular project. 

Attila Siladji: The game features a heavy emphasis on combat which requires quick action and reflexes from the player. Also, there is a basic character development system. By killing monsters the player gains experience. Three basic characteristics can be upgraded: strength, armor and health. In addition to this, with each upgrade the player can choose a new special ability. Weapons are also gaining levels. During the game the AI will keep statistics for each weapon (hits, kills). The more skilled the character becomes with a weapon, the chances to make critical or fatal hits increases. With a critical hit the weapon makes double or quad damage, and with a fatal hit – as you guess – kills instantly the enemy. 

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