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UFO: Extraterrestrials - Review @ Strategy Informer

by Dhruin, 2007-05-23 00:41:29

The latest UFO: ET review comes from Strategy Informer, who awarded a middling 7.2/10 in a short article:

This part of the game shows the most major difference from X:COM game play. The geoscape, and base management portions of the game have been greatly simplified. You are only allowed to have one main base where you do your research and workshop activities as well as launch all your tactical missions from. While you may construct bases in other locations on Esperanza you may only build hangers and base defenses there. You can locate fighter aircraft in these bases but are unable to even build living quarters or any of the specialized modules that are only allowed in your main base. Base management as been further simplified by removing the requirement that you track storage space, living space and the number of soldiers, scientists and technicians on the base. Each laboratory or workshop that you build in your main base provides 10 additional scientists or technicians. Each soldier arrives as they are trained and sent by the government of Esperanza. The player has no insight into when soldiers will arrive and can not request more as needed. This can be a problem if all your soldiers become wounded or killed leaving the player with few options to continue fighting the alien invaders. Funding is the primary problem in this portion of the game - craft returning to your base appear to automatically rearm which drains funds from your account each time. It appears to be automatically reordering items (or perhaps fuel) instead of requiring the player to manually manage the base supplies. While I would prefer to manage those actions myself other players may find it convenient for the game to take care of those details for them. You are also allowed to run a deficit in some areas, when your funds drop below zero research and manufacturing activities are placed on hold but you can continue to attack UFOs as they are detected and your ships will continue to rearm and refuel when they return to base increasing your deficit. Once you are able to increase your available funds back above zero, by either receiving monthly funding from the government or by selling captured or surplus equipment the research and manufacturing processes begin again.

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