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Dark Messiah - "Elements" X360 Version

by Dhruin, 2007-05-23 23:44:11

Eurogamer is reporting that a brochure for an Ubisoft event in Paris has a logo for "Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Elements".  It's an even bet whether this is an addon to Arkane's action effort or a console port.  Elements is due to be demonstrated during Ubidays, so we'll find out soon.

[Update] ...And here it is.  I missed a later Eurogamer newsbit that reveals Elements as an updated Xbox 360 port:

Ubisoft has revealed at its event in Paris that Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Elements is an Xbox 360 title.

It will be a port of the game that appeared on PC last year, but with new and additional content.

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