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Drakensang - Dev Diary #9 @ Drakensang.info

by Corwin, 2007-05-25 12:10:48

The latest Drakensang developer's diary, dealing with combat this time, has been posted for your reading pleasure. Here's part of the introduction.

Today’s dev diary is about the development of the combat system in Drakensang. As always, the designers have certain demands on what the combat system should look like. In addition we, the coders, incorporate our own ideas in that process.
Please note that selection markers and lifebars are not final yet.

A couple of features were essential for us:

    * Both technical and cinematic combat scenes
    * Round-based TDE rule set
    * The least text as possible during combat
    * Full control of a four-headed party
    * Player can pause at any time

You can find the entire article right Here.

Thanks Avantenor. 

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