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Fury - Preview @ IGN.au

by Inauro, 2007-05-26 00:04:01

IGN Australia has a preview of Auran's Fury.

So why all the mayhem and magical warfare? As the story goes, the inhabitants of Fury's universe were at the height of their successes. They were loved by the gods and in turn, they worshiped these beings diligently. As a reward, the gods gave these humanoids the gift of magic. Typically, this gift was abused and the gods, being temperamental sorts, decided the best course of action was to ditch these magic-imbued beings and leave them to their own destructive devices. Unfortunately, the more the beings used magic, the more energy was being sucked from the universe, causing what was referred to as 'The Fade'. Hence, much of the universe has faded away, and there are only small areas left, which are hotly contested.

Source: IGN

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