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Gods & Heroes - Interview Part 2 @ GamersInfo

by Inauro, 2007-05-26 00:07:37

Part two of GamersInfo.net's interview with Chris McKibbin is online.

I hear so much about "paired animations". So let's start there. Paired animations from the top.

Chris McKibbin: Paired animations came out of the desire to create a combat experience that delivers both high entertainment and a high payoff while being more fun than traditional combat seen to date in MMOs. When designing Gods & Heroes, one of the things that we felt was lacking in traditional MMOs today, is high action combat that gives you a feeling of accomplishment or defeat. We were inspired by games like Soul Caliber and Virtua Fighter where the combat in and of itself is the reason that you play. Out of that desire for exciting combat grew paired animations.

Source: GamersInfo.net

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