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The Witcher - Blog Update @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2007-05-26 00:44:30

CD Projekt has wrapped up their Some things end, some things begin history of the development of The Witcher.  This sixth part settles into briefly discussing the main development after all the dramas of starting the project:

 Despite the fact that, so far, each of our game presentations has been greeted rather enthusiastically, the trickiest part of the whole endeavor was still ahead of us – namely, bringing all the elements together into one coherent whole.

One of the biggest difficulties we had at that point was actually the plot itself. The issue was twofold: first, naturally, we had to come up with a good script if we wanted the game to reflect the readability of the actual Sapkowski novels. Second, we were greatly concerned with the practical application of the script to the structure of a game. Hence the decision to recruit Artur Ganszyniec (known for “Wolsung”) and Marcin Blacha (co-author of “Monastyr” and “Neuroshima”) – practiced experts in the field of classical pen-and-paper RPGs. The former is currently the main force behind the creation of the plot for “The Witcher.”

Thanks, Tom!

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