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Sword of the New World - Interview @ MPOGD

by Inauro, 2007-05-27 23:05:44

MPOGD chats with Operations Producer Peter Cesario about the upcoming MMO, Sword of the New World.

MPOGD: What was it about Sword of the New World that attracted you as a publisher?

Peter: It has a really unique feel and position in the marketplace, both in terms of the game play and feature sets, and in terms of the consumer model. We can essentially give the consumer some incredible access to the game, to the play, to the overall experience that is quite robust with little barrier for involvement (both in terms of economics and time invested), our goal being to engage them in a way that is much more than just a trial, one that we hope will lead to a greater investment and commitment to the game.

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Sword of the New World

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