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Fury - Q & A @ IGN

by Inauro, 2007-05-29 23:12:31

IGN Australia chats with Andrew Edelsten, Game Operations Manager at Auran, about the company's upcoming MMO, Fury.

IGN: You're demonstrating a mostly-complete build of Fury now. How many maps are you planning on releasing in the final version? Can you take us through the game types, too?

Andrew Edelsten: We're looking, ideally, at six maps for each game type. There are four game types; there's Elimination - your four vs. four, there's Bloodbath - a 32 player free-for-all, Vortex is 16 on 16; it's a variation on capture-the-flag; the big game-type is Fortress - up to 32 players on each team, huge castles on either end of the map and those maps are huge. They take you quite a while to traverse. We're still trying to iron out some gameplay 'kinks' on Fortress, though.

Source: IGN

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