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Loki - New Gameplayer Trailer

by Dhruin, 2007-05-30 00:21:30

The Loki site is pointing out a new gameplay trailer featuring the norse warrior class:

Focus and Cyanide are pleased to present the first gameplay video of Loki introducing the Norse Warrior.
Check out this new video and discover the Norse Warrior, the first of the four characters you will be able to play in Loki. After his village is laid to waste, this rugged follower of Odin takes axe in hand and begins his journey to defeat the evil Seth, the god of chaos. On his way, he will have to face gigantic enemies such as Fafnir the dragon, the Hydra but also many other creatures made of fire, ice, etc.

The trailer can viewed at Gametrailers (HD version also available).

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