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Depths of Peril - Story # Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-05-30 22:28:11

Soldak has posted a new story for Depths of Peril titled Necromancer:

Ivar joined his conscripted son on the battlefield rather than take his place on the wall of the keep. How could the city’s defenses hold under the necromancer’s vast, fearless army of rotting zombies and ragged skeletons? For each soldier lost, the undead grew in number.

He heard the sparks of crackling fire falling through the air. Grabbing Tomasz, he pulled him back before running from the fray. Ivar leaned down, panting, hands on knees. He wiped sweat from his hands onto his tunic, to better grip his sword. 

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Depths of Peril

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