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Avencast - Interview #1 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-06-01 23:11:52

Jonric has the first interview we've tracked with Austrian studio ClockStone on their action/RPG Avencast.  The intro blurb mentions adventure elements such as deciphering riddles but that isn't covered in this first part of the conversation, so here's a general quote:

Jonric: What core strengths will differentiate Avencast from other games that might seem similar in terms of their play? What kind of individual will find it most appealing?

Minh Tri Do Dinh:
What differentiates Avencast most from other games would be the combat and general style of action, which draw heavy inspiration from beat 'em ups, shooters and the like, rather than classical RPGs. We strived to create a type of gameplay that is more dynamic and varied.

That philosophy of keeping things dynamic is also reflected in the fact that Avencast is a fairly straightforward game. We want to make sure people can just jump in and enjoy it as much as possible, without worrying too much about endless rules and choices. The key, of course, is striking the right balance between keeping things simple and fresh, and offering enough content and depth as a classical RPG to keep players interested.
Players it will appeal to? Those who like their RPGs with a distinct flavor of fast-paced action. These players don't want to give up their role-playing, but still might want to take a break from the usual diet of almost overwhelmingly large RPGs that take a good chunk out of their time once started.

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