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Fallout - Dev Profile @ NMA

by Dhruin, 2007-06-01 23:25:13

Concept Artist Tony Postma is the latest Fallout Dev Profile at NMA:

Tell us a little about your role in the making of Fallout 1/2/3 (Van Buren)/Tactics ?

On Fallout 1 (and to a lesser extent, 2) I was strictly involved in the conceptual design of the look and feel, particularly the user interface. The team already had an idea of using retro-atom age imagery and objects, so I kept my concepts in that vein. I really wanted the interface to look and function like a "real" device, so I researched and imagined it to be like some computer or car stereo with a removable face plate but with 1950' vacuum tubes, bakelite plastics and glass CRT's. I also came up with the idea that the maps would be from found objects like postcards and period signage picked up from the sands of the desert. Unfortunately while I was concepting for Fallout, the majority of my time was as concept/2D for M.A.X. Mechanized Assault and eXploration (and later M.A.X. 2). I also did concept art for Shattered Steel, a few Star Trek titles, and quite a few of Interplay's other games and didn't spend as much time on Fallout as I would have wanted. I like to work in a lot of different capacities, but I think I might have spread myself too thin then.

On a Fallout-related note, NMA also has an editorial on the difference between Pip Boy and Vault Boy.

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