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WoW: Shadow of the Necropolis v1.11 Patch Released

by Dhruin, 2006-06-21 00:03:00
Blizzard has released Shadow of the Necropolis: Patch 1.11. Here are the highlights from the site and hit the link for the entire notes:
Highlights of Shadow of the Necropolis - Patch 1.11:
  • New Raid Dungeon - Naxxramas
  • Tier 3 Raid Armor Sets
  • Updated Mage and Shaman Talents
  • New Argent Dawn and Cenarion Circle Faction Rewards
  • Upgraded PvP Armor Sets
  • New Feature: Keyrings
  • New Flightpaths
  • And much more!
You can also grab the 455Mb file from 3D Gamers or Gamers Hell.

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